BENCHMARK signature events for you to join


January 13-14 2017

This is an open invitation to benefit you, your staff and/or key volunteers through their active participation in BENCHMARK’s Leadership Development Workshop. ¬†This annual weekend training event scheduled for January 2017, will stimulate spiritual growth and leadership development.¬†[More Information]


March 23-26 2017 (Thursday - Sunday)

During the spring each year an average of 15 people per day begin the 2180 mile, 6-month journey, to hike the Appalachian Trail. Beginning at Springer Mountain in north Georgia and ending in Maine, 15% of those who start quit their first week or in the first 30 miles. [More Information]


October 5-8, 2017

This hike may ‘kick your butt’ with big miles over multiple days creating even bigger memories. This monumental Appalachian Trail trip makes a monumental impact by raising funds for BENCHMARK’s Chaplains Partnership Initiative, which encourages Chaplains and serves Soldiers. You will make memories that you won’t soon forget. [More Information]


Postponed till November 2018

The Discovery Hike serves as the BENCHMARK model for our entry-level backpacking experience geared to teach backcountry skills including the 10 Essentials and backcountry ethics. This trip will cover about 6-8 miles per day and is geared to provide a moderate physical conditioning goal with human mobility implications. [More Information]